The Early Days | 2006-2007

Florida web design team

DreamCo Design was founded in November, 2006 by Jay Correia and Sean McCue. The idea for the company primarily stemmed from the opportunity at hand, as the internet was clearly becoming the future of business. Smart phones were just getting traction, high speed internet was making its final rounds, and marketing was evolving from traditional forms of media to the web like never before.

The company founders both saw themselves out of work after the print & web shop they were employed by had closed its doors and with the pendulum swinging more towards websites, the pair took a risk and started a small business that would cater towards customers in need of professional web development services. The business' initial location was in nothing more than a spare bedroom in Jay's apartment in Clearwater, Florida and the infrastructure in place wasn't much better.

Little capital was at hand for the duo of young twenty-somethings and it was going to take a lot of time, hard work, and effort to grow the business. Sean found himself holding many roles while Jay was off like a mad scientist getting the systems and processes down and pat. After digging up a couple of sales, the team put virtually every penny back into the business, bringing on their first full-time developer as well as an additional project manager.

The Move to Chicago | 2007 - 2008

Chicago web design team

As the company continued to grow in the early part of 2007 the apartment was becoming quite a bit too small for the expanding operation and the company needed to find itself a new home. Both business and family decisions lead to the company electing to move from Clearwater to the Chicago area in the summer of 2007 and the partners, along with their primary developer, made the move.

With a new home came many new opportunities and DreamCo Design found itself virtually overwhelmed with requests for website work. The operation expanded quickly, bringing on board Zack McBride to take the reins as the company's primary project manager. Additionally, more consultants and developers were brought into the operation and the business went from a brief stint in Jay's basement to its first "professional" environment in a small commercial office.

To keep up with demand, DreamCo Design started an additional offshore location in India, and also held a small office in Austin, Texas in which they housed a prior freelancer. By 2008 the team had made its way up to a staff of about 10 and was bursting at the seams in growth. The company was not only developing a plethora of custom websites, but it was also taking leadership in the industry by pioneering new SEO methods while also applying business practices never before applied in the web arena.

Then, in the fall of 2008, DreamCo Design had fallen victim to the economic downturn, finding itself unable to collect on many of its client accounts due to those businesses being hampered. Thus, a large scale-back proceeded and Sean stepped down from his role as co-owner, turning the ship over to Jay to manage from that point forward. With a smaller staff and toughened skin, the company dealt with seeing through each and every website commitment it had, often going out of its way all while suffering financial loss. Disputes rained in and many questioned as to whether or not the company would be able to sustain without any capital infusion from the outside, however, it prevailed.

People Matter | 2008 - 2012

working hard on websites

In the ensuing years, DreamCo Design built back up its operation by bringing on board additional key talent such as Joshua Kwasny, Ed Seggelke, as well as other valuable team members in the development department. The new talent's invigoration helped propel DreamCo Design to never before seen heights.

DreamCo Design was beginning to evolve into one of the most sought after companies for custom web design solutions, earning contracts for Grammy Winning musicians, globally recognized politicians, and other high-profile businesses.

Historic New Headquarters | 2012 - 2018

In 2012 the company surpassed the 7 figure a year mark while also purchasing a historic building to serve as the company's future home. The two story brick building, completing its renovation in 2013, and served as the company's headquarters for more than 5 years, with some new polished branding to go along with it.

While things were just starting to settle in at the new location, business in the fantasy sports industry was just starting to ramp up. DreamCo Design started its path to being recognized as the leading fantasy sports development provider after striking deals with many of the key players within the industry.

DreamCo Design Today | 2018 - 2020

Today, DreamCo Design is trusted by businesses and organizations both small and large, spanning from virtually all industries. Customers in all 50 states and beyond have put their trust in DreamCo Design, partnering up with the group in helping shape their online dreams into a reality. The team relocated from its office in Dundee to neighboring Elgin, a Chicago suburb, with staff in and out of the office per flex-scheduling benefits. A secondary location outside of Boston, MA has also recently been started. We believe there is quite a bit left in our story to be written and hope that your business becomes part of our mutual success. We thank you for the opportunities you provide us and hope we have the chance to help your business get the very most from its website.