Our managed hosting options are stacked with benefits like free monthly updates, exchange email options, and more. We host websites and offer up-scaling solutions that give you the flexibility you need when the traffic comes knocking. Learn more.

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Hey, did you know?
Our managed hosting options provide free monthly updates as a benefit? That's right! We do minor updates to text and pictures at no extra charge.


All hosting includes (1) IMAP/POP3 ready mailbox and (10) aliases. All mail syncs to Outlook, Thunderbird, (smart-phone) mail, and more. Additional accounts are $2.00 each. Need real-time synchronized email across multiple devices? Consider upgrading. We manage email using:

Professional Gmail
Boxes are $5.50 each and up to (10) aliases per mailbox.

Microsoft Exchange
Boxes are $15.00 each and up to (10) aliases per mailbox.

Managed Hosting Overview

All of the hosting options offered by DreamCo Design are managed solutions. Simply put, we pretty much do everything for you. Regardless of the package you select, our service team is here to support your website's hosting needs. Our managed hosting always includes:

  • Server Setup Open or Close

    We spin up the server needed for the website and also put in place the necessary FTP accounts, databases, (A) records, (MX) records, IP addresses, and other things all necessary to allow the website to run properly.

  • Placeholder Page Design Open or Close

    In the event the website is brand new, we setup a placeholder page for you that will represent your brand professionally while we work on your website.

  • Email Account Creation Open or Close

    (1) Basic email account + (10) aliases are included at no extra cost. We setup all of the necessary records so you can have email address We then draft custom email instructions so you know how to access your mail via the web, outlook, or capable device.

  • Automatic Updating Open or Close

    Many of the websites we develop utilize popular content management platforms such as Wordpress. Our team will automatically update your code, as we determine, to ensure things remain stable and secure.

  • SSL Certificate Integration Open or Close

    Shopping carts and other websites that involve the handling of secure information like member info and payments need to be secured with an SSL Certificate. We install basic SSLs for free and professional SSLs with Unique IP addresses for $79.80 annually as part of our managed hosting.

  • Upscaling Consultation Open or Close

    As your website grows your hosting setup needs to grow right along with it. Our team has the capability to make suggestions as it relates to up-scaling your hosting environment. When the time comes for a more powerful server setup, we will be here to help.

Our Hosting Options

Most of the websites we host are part of our shared cloud platform. Websites with a bit more to them tend to wind up in the private server category, while enterprise grade projects most often result in the need for a dedicated solution. Learn more our hosting options below.

  • silver hosting Cloud Sites - Silver Hosting Open or Close

    Our entry level hosting option. Silver hosting is best for informational websites with low to medium traffic and little need for updates.

    Price: $19.95 per month w/ no contract
    Specs: (N/A) Shared cloud server
    Perks: critical updates, site backups, email

  • gold hosting Cloud Sites - Gold Hosting Open or Close

    Our most popular hosting option. Gold hosting is great for most informational websites with low to medium traffic.

    Price: $29.95 per month w/ no contract
    Specs: (N/A) Shared cloud server
    Perks: critical updates, site backups, email, monthly updates

  • private servers Private Cloud Servers Open or Close

    Guaranteed space and ram allocations as well as custom server scripting. Great for more complex websites with heavier hitting software setups. Pricing depends on the size of the slice.

    Horizontal scaling (both a WEB and DB server that work together in a stack, or, the use of a load balancer that distributes traffic to multiple cloud servers) is also available as needed. Contact a consultant for more details.

    Price: Starting @ $49.95 per month w/ no contract
    Specs: 2GB | 4GB | 8GB | 12GB server slice allocations
    Perks: critical updates, backups, email, monthly updates, load balancing

  • dedicated hosting Dedicated Servers Open or Close

    Dedicated servers are custom engineered for the heaviest hitting websites out there. Guaranteed CPU power, ram, disc space, and a plethora of other features like managed backup options are all part of a dedicated server.

    Pricing depends on the size of the server selected.

    Price: Starting @ $379.95 per month. Multiple tiers available.
    Perks: critical updates, site backups, email, monthly updates

  • hybrid hosting Hybrid Hosting Open or Close

    Hybrid hosting is a combination of utilizing a dedicated server (typically for a database) and multiple private cloud servers behind a load balancer. Only the hardest hitting websites tend to need these types of setups.

    Price: Starting @ $600.00 per month
    Specs: vary per contract | multiple tiers available
    Perks: critical updates, site backups, email, monthly updates, load balancing